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Jan 19


Flooring can withstand drops, spills, and furniture, as well as light to heavy foot traffic. While all laminate flooring San Diego can withstand many types of damage and is durable, some flooring has been designed to be more resilient to specific uses in a home or place of business. You can determine if your laminate flooring is durable enough to be used in everyday life by looking at its abrasion rating. Laminate class ratings are important to know if you are building a new house or relocating an existing floor.

Don't be afraid to ask questions if you haven't heard of laminate abrasion classes ratings. We will cover everything you need to know regarding AC ratings, including how best to select the right AC rating for your building or room.

What are Abrasion Class Ratings and How Do They Work?

The industry-standard system for classifying laminate flooring based on its durability is called the Abrasion Class Ratings. Laminate flooring can be purchased in many styles, patterns, and textures, regardless of the AC rating. AC ratings do not distinguish between high-quality flooring and low-quality flooring. They are a way to easily classify laminate flooring into various categories so that you can make sound investments for your space.

What is the rating of laminate flooring?

The "wear layer" is the top layer of laminate flooring. This is the protective coating that protects your floor from moisture and stains. Third-party, impartial testers test each AC rating wear layer of laminate flooring and then classify it into one of five categories. They use various techniques to wear down the protective layer on the wear layer. This allows them to determine how durable and resistant each piece of flooring is.

What are the different Abrasion Class Ratings of Laminate Flooring?

AC ratings are applicable to commercial and residential flooring. Each AC rating is 60% more than the rating it replaced. These are the five types of abrasion classes for laminate flooring:

  • AC1:AC1 is the lightest type of laminate for residential use. It can withstand light foot traffic.
  • AC2:AC2 flooring can be used for residential purposes. This can be used in rooms with moderate foot traffic.
  • AC3:AC3 flooring is both the most durable and lightest commercial laminate. This is a good choice for commercial and residential areas with little foot traffic.
  • AC4:AC4 is not for residential use. This flooring should be used in commercial spaces with moderate traffic.
  • AC5 -AC5 laminate flooring is the most durable and can withstand the most demanding commercial environments.

To determine the durability of your laminate flooring, an AC rating should be used. It does not indicate the overall quality of craftsmanship.

How to determine which Abrasion Class Rating is right for your flooring

Consider how you will use the space as well as your budget when choosing laminate flooring for your home.

What can you do with the space?

Your space and the purpose of your flooring will determine which rating you choose. Laminate flooring is often used in multiple areas of your home, as each one is rated according to foot traffic.

  • Residential spaces When you are considering adding flooring to your house, think about your lifestyle. Are you a cook? Are your children frequent users of the living room? AC1, AC2, or AC3 laminate floorings can be used for residential purposes. AC1 can be used in areas you don't frequent, such as a guest room, formal dining area, or storage closet. AC2 can be used in areas that are more frequently used, such as bedrooms or your home office. AC3 is the best for the areas of your home that you spend the most time in, such as the living room, kitchen, and staircase.
  • Commercial spaces To determine which areas of your building are most used, look at the. You can use AC3, AC4, or AC5 to decorate your commercial space. AC3 flooring can be used in less-used areas such as closets and hotel rooms. AC4 can be used for small shops, specialty shops, and sit-down offices. AC5 is for areas that receive a lot of foot traffic like shopping malls, restaurants, and sales floors.


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