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Can I Refinish Hardwood Floors Without Sanding?

Jul 20

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Is sandless refinishing hardwood floor possible?

It is important to have proper maintenance of our beloved abode because no matter how solid its foundation, it will develop some issues as time goes by. We never want that to happen, especially when that property is so dear to us for its precious memories that we used to share with family.

Aside from the house’s roof, the floor is one of the essential parts where it needs to be neat and well maintained, for it is walked and abused thousands of times every day. Most people who have wooden floors prefer floor refinishing because of the fact that they can save money and still get the same effect in a newly installed one.

Floor refinishing involves sanding. This process can be a great mess for dirt will circulate throughout the whole area, and that is the reason why some people don’t choose that. But there is a solution to that, we can refinish without sanding.

Our previous blog talks about how the sandless refinishing floor works saying; “Some people wonder if is there any way of refinishing without sanding. Yes, there is. But the result won’t be as great as being sand. Yes, it can remove old floor wax and some minor stains. But heavy stains, scratches, gray areas because of oxidation, dents, and the sun fade will not be removed when sanding is not part of the process.

So how does sandless floor refinishing work? From the word sandless, this process of floor refinishing does not include sanding. The flooring contractor will use a refinishing machine with abrasive pads and a liquid chemical to scrub off the unwanted dirt that is already sticking to the surface. And because there is no sanding involved, the dirt and dust have just remained in the liquid solution which is the advantage part of choosing this process. After that, the protective sealer will be applied to make it shiny and can last long years.”

You can try to DIY or do it yourself in making home renovations, but it is much better to hire a professional to avoid making mistakes that can damage your property.